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Real Estate Myths

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will encounter a number of real estate myths in the industry. The Lisa Burridge & Associates team can answer questions and educate you on the real estate process ensuring you make the best choices for your buying or selling needs. The following are the answers to a few common real estate myths.

Myth #1: “Discount” brokers can do an adequate job selling real estate.
Truth: A complete marketing campaign is an invaluable component in the process of getting the most for your home. Promotional costs such as professional photos, brochures, ads, MLS inserting fees, printing, direct mail, directional signs, personal internet websites, virtual tours, web postings, etc., are all paid for by Lisa Burridge & Associates Real Estate.

  • Will the discount broker be able to afford to offer a complete marketing campaign?
  • Does he/she have the expertise to guide you through problems that may develop during the home sale process and offer process?
  • Remember that you only pay a commission if, and when, your property sells successfully; you owe nothing if Lisa Burridge’s Team of Specialists does not get results.
  • The supply of buyers through your home will be less if marketing is limited.

Myth #2: Lisa Burridge & Associates sells a lot of real estate. They are probably too busy to pay attention to my listing.
Truth: Aren’t superior restaurants busy at dinnertime, and don’t excellent doctors have a heavy patient load? Lisa Burridge & Associates Real Estate may have a lot of clients, but has assembled a top-flight team of specialists to assist with the routine details, freeing up time to devote the time and attention you require to sell your property successfully. Lisa Burridge has built her business one satisfied client at a time, and word of mouth from satisfied clients is spreading and growing her business.

Myth #3: You should select a Realtor who says they can get you the highest price.
Truth: This is the oldest scam in real estate: tell the seller what they want to hear and compliment the home to get the listing.
Instead, you should insist on a written, well-researched, computerized market analysis to determine the realistic amount your home will bear in today’s market and price it accordingly. Select your Realtor based on their credentials, then decide on price.

Never select an agent based solely on the price they recommend; unless they are planning to buy your home at that price, and then get it in writing!

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